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Shanghai Honghao International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd, which headquarter is located in Shanghai, The main business scope covers ocean transportation, air transportation, road transportation and river transportation. The detailed operation includes collection cargo, warehouse storage, transshipment, container devanning, customs clearance, commodity inspection, insurance and highway transportation, etc. Honghao has established AA grade customs brokers and complete domestic logistic network with road transport permit, for providing customers a foreign trade, supplier chain, full ”one stop” service, like financing, tax rebates, and settlement of exchange, etc.


 Honghao has abt 20000 square meters of warehouse at the dock, and more than 150 vehicles for road transportation. We established two subsidiaries: Shanghai Xuanchen International Logistics Co., Ltd and Shanghai Huanghai Yihong International Trade Co., Ltd, And has established AA grade customs broker covering Shanghai Tianjin Qingdao Guangzhou, In addition, Honghao has a perfect international logistics network and has good cooperate relationship with many agents all over the world.

Our vision is to build the first brand for both export and import door to door service in China.

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